We are looking forward to servicing you and creating incredible memories for you, your organizations, and community.

Cultural Programming & Consulting

We take pride in offering contractual services to a variety of organizations including governmental and private arts agencies looking to expand their current cultural program offerings, reach their urban community, or looking for ways to contribute and connect with their communities.

Small Business Consulting & Development

Allow us to help you map out your goals, provide suggestions, help with grants, paperwork, help with programming ideas & more. Starting @ $75/hr. We also offer monthly payments for this service

Artist Development & Consulting

Learn different career paths, business development, contracts, artist grants, & more Starting @ $60/hr. We also offer monthly payments for this service.

The Arts Bridge : Equity & Diversity Training Facilitated Through The Arts

Diversity training is training delivered to make participants more aware of diversity issues in the workplace, their own beliefs on diversity, as well as provide skills to help them interact, collaborate and work more closely with people that have different qualities from their own. At Be Eccentrich we take this knowledge and present it in a variety of settings using the arts as a catalyst to create an enjoyable environment that is conducive for learning.


Performance Services

In addition to the above services we also offer performance services that include: Workshop facilitation, live poetry, theater productions, hosting, public speaking, artist talks, and online content.

Online Classes

Take advantage of our self paced courses

– Artists or the Small Business in Government & Private Organizations
– Certified CPR Courses
– Therapy Services
– Virtual Workshops, Classes, Courses & More

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