Meet Our Team

We are a small team of talented & creative professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Sharonda “Eccentrich” Richardson


Born and raised in Pompano Beach Fl. she has been in the cultural arts industry for 8 years. Her earliest work is her founding and hosting Cuisines & Poetry, in Pompano Beach, FL. She proudly hosts shows from poetry, to fashion shows, workshops & more throughout the Broward County. As a poet, she has graced the stages of over 45 venues from Florida to California. Eccentrich is currently the 14th ranked female poet in the world according to her placement during the Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2017. Eccentrich is a member of the celebrated spoken word team, Dada, who finished 1st in the nation during the 2017 National Poetry Slam. In addition to her performance poetry, Eccentrich published her first novel, Church Folk Ain’t Got No Sense, in December 2015. In 2017, her stage play Everything That Glitters, a play about Domestic Violence debuted to a sold-out crowd.

Eccentrich is also the founder of Free on the Inside, the poetry pipeline series, where she goes into prisons facilitating workshops and showcasing spoken word poetry, with other poets. In 2018, she created the first poetry festival in the history of the City of Pompano Beach and continues creating program curriculum for Be Eccentrich and serves as a cultural programmer and consultant for outside organizations.

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Shanteala Mash

Chief operations officer

Born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, she graduated from Dillard High School. She later began working for The Broward County Library System, and while working with the library system she decided to go back to school in 2006. Between 2006 – 2015, she has earned an Associates in Business, a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in special education and is currently working on a Behavior Analysis Certification. In 2015, she ended her 19-year job with the Library and became an Educator.

Shanteala has a passion for teenagers and especially those who have had a troubled past. She believes that when you have a village, you are less likely to become a statistic. She loves interacting, teaching, and learning from teenagers.

“I believe in every child I come across until they prove to me that they cannot be helped.”

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Johnathan Kelly

Creative Director

Jonathan David Kelly is a South Florida actor, writer, and spoken word artist. His artistic journey began as a child, winning essay and poetry contests in grade school. Later during his adolescent years, he developed a passion for the performing arts. He did some television work as a cohost on an after school program called KidVision and later as the host of WLRN’s Vibe Connection. Now his main inspiration is helping people understand the healing power of creative writing. He also wrote and directed a documentary film called “Saved By The Pen” on YouTube, that discusses using writing as a healthy coping mechanism when dealing with life’s struggles. 

“As an artist, I am committed to creating work that speaks to the underserved communities I come from. Not only do I use the arts as a way to spark dialogue for social change, but also as an instrument for healing. Before I create new work, I make sure to engage with community members through focus groups and open forum discussions, so that I have an accurate depiction of their individual social issues.”

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Julius Richardson

Video Production

Born & Raised in Pompano Beach, Fl Julius is our staff videographer and owner of Low Budget Productions LLC. He also creates original programming, films, and animation, particularly in the comedic genre. Julius believes that healing is just on the other side of laughter.