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We Were Here

A Theatrical Series Celebrating the lives of forgotten and little known, but important African Americans & Places throughout history. Coming Soon!


Tycoon is designed for youth ages 16 -18 Youth Artist Entrepreneur Incubation Program that is specifically designed to help local emerging youth cultural artists in performance poetry, theater, music, and visual arts. Tycoon’s focus during the program includes mentoring, networking, and collaboration. In addition to working hands-on with the Be Eccentrich team, artists will get a chance to meet active industry professionals in their respective art disciplines. Participants will have exposure and access to state-of-the-art venues, have ongoing access to Incubator resources, expertise after the program ends, and a new business

Landing The Gig

Register Now for “Landing The Gig!” This course will provide the necessary information to make the perfect pitch! With over 8yrs experience in government and private contracting, I will share video lessons, templates, related paperwork, and more.The sessions are completely online and limited to 6 per course so that I may provide personalized attention to each student. Email us at or inbox us to register. You may also reserve your spot in the class online at the following Eventbrite link below


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